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Chartered Management Accountants

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Tax Advice

Налоговое планирование

Предварительное налоговое планирование для оптимизации Вашей налоговой позиции.

Chartered Accountants Servcies

Финансовая отчетность

Honest and Knowledgeable Chartered Management Accountants.


Первичный бухгалтерский учет

Take the hassle out of bookkeeping to keep your business running smoothly.

Home Office Documents

Подготовка документов для Home Office

Соблюдайте все нормы для Home Office.

Chartered Management Accountants

Управленческий учет

Подготовка отчетов о результатах деятельности компании

Business Planning

Подготовка Бизнес планов

Профессиональные консультации и план для открытия Вашего бизнеса.

Payroll Services

Заработная плата

Профессиональные услуги по расчету заработной платы, которые предоставят Вам возможность сфокусироваться на ведении Вашего бизнеса

International Tax Advisers


We are specialists in International Tax matters.

Chartered Management Accountants

Schoolgate Accounting Services is a boutique firm of Chartered Management Accountants based in Wimbledon and Blackfriars. We take a highly personalised approach to our clients; if they succeed, we succeed.

If you choose to engage us as your Chartered Management Accountants, you will find we are different because not only are our prices competitive, but we also treat you as an individual. We take time to understand your business and will cater our services to your needs.

Please drop us an email on our contact page or call us to find out how our accounting services stand out from the competition!

Имея более 10-ти лет опыта в качестве Финансовых Директоров в ряде компаний и благотворительных организациях, мы сопоставляем технические знания с опытом реальной жизни.

Будучи предприятием малого бизнеса, мы хорошо понимаем вопросы и задачи, с которыми приходится сталкиваться нашим клиентам.

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Наши Клиенты

  • Managing Director of Loyalty Street

    «I have been using Schoolgate Accounting Services since I started my business 18 months ago and we are just about to complete a Series A funding round for £2.5M. They have helped us every step of the way and given me very sound & practical advice. They have been an enormous support and they really helped us drive the business forward.»

    — Justin Jordan  

  • Head Teacher of Russian School Family Three

    «I am so pleased that I chose Schoolgate Accounting Services Limited. They worked very professionally and efficiently. On my initial consultation I found the answers to the questions that my original accountants seemed to be confused about. I highly recommend Schoolgate Accounting Services.»

    — Yuliia Everitt

  • Treasurer of St John’s Church Wimbledon

    «St. John’s committee last night asked me to pass their thanks on to you for looking after us so well in January.

    A big thank you from me too, of course!»

    — Jane Bradbury

  • Sole Trader

    «When I started my business I did not know anything about compliance. More over having limited English knowledge, Schoolgate Accounting Services were a godsend for me. Not only did they speak perfect Russian, which I could understand, they were able to help me to register my business and provided me with the detailed instructions that I needed in order to comply with the regulations. Now my business records are in order and when I need help I know that all I need to do is to pick up the phone. I cannot recommend highly enough, Luda and her team at Schoolgate.»

    — Olga Smakova

  • We would like to thank you for your professionalism, support, high level of customer service and great attention to details.
    We are very happy to work with you and will definitely recommend your services to all our business partners.

    Kind regards,
    Bellflower Enterprise Ltd

  • Treasurer of Wimbledon Parochial Church Council

    «Moving the payroll for our Parish to Schoolgate Accounting Services was incredibly easy and was complete after only a couple of days. Their payroll expertise is exactly what we wanted and all the services are performed both professionally and efficiently. It has made a real difference and freed us up to concentrate on other areas of the church activities. Highly recommended.»

    — Ross Morgan

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