Schoolgate Accounting Services attends CBBC China Outbound Conference in Shanghai

Schoolgate Accounting Services attended the 6th CBBC China Outbound Conference, part of the UK’s official programme during the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), held in Shanghai on November 8th, 2018, with over 300 guests attending the conference in total. The company was represented by Luda Beanland, Charles Swain and Annie Qian (pictured).

Since Schoolgate opened their China Desk earlier this year, the company has seen a significant increase in interest from Chinese clients regarding opportunities in the UK. Our view is that, with the government’s Brexit deadline approaching and political complications alienating Chinese investors from the normally popular US market, the UK will be of increasing interest as time goes on.

As and when the UK leaves the EU, the complexity in compliance for Chinese companies investing in the UK through mergers and acquisitions may become more uncertain. As a result, it is vital that Chinese companies  seek support from local partners to ensure operational compliance while, at the same time, getting latest updates on tax, accounting, human resources management and data protection.

This year’s conference coincided with the China International Import Expo, which the company also attended, and this was an important platform for the UK to support trade in goods and services and promote bilateral investment partnership between the two countries. With a raft of meetings arranged around the conference and Expo, there was ample opportunity to meet many old contacts as well as network with new ones.

China’s domestic economy is maturing, showing higher demand for the UK’s services, consumer goods, technology and innovation. China’s investment in the UK has also continued to reflect these changes. Investment has gradually shifted from traditional infrastructure, real estate and other capital projects to higher value-added investment projects, including technology, innovation and services.

Schoolgate expresses their thanks to the CBBC for a well-organised and highly enjoyable event and we hope to be back in Shanghai very soon!

Schoolgate Accounting Services | 13-11-2018